Free way to make an extra $300 – $500 per week

How To Make $300 – $500 per Week. Just For Letting Companies Send You Postal Mail. Did you their are companies that will pay you to let them send junk mail to your postal address.
One such company is called…

Note: This is not 1 of those get paid to read email opportunities where you make a few cents for clicking ads. This companies sends mail to your home and you can make up to $500 a week just for recieving it.

How it Works

  * User takes a 7-minute survey on PeopleString that helps build Your Personal Marketing Profile
  * User opts in to the maximum number of offers they would like to receive each day via traditional mail or email.
  * PeopleString marketing partners Pay You to receive their offers. You can see a report on PeopleString with the offers and payouts that you are receiving.
  * You will receive offers in your mailbox with the PeopleString logo on the envelope. Some marketers will offer extra money to read their mail and enter a unique code on

How To Get Started

  1. Click The Link at the bottom of this report. Click Here To Join
  2. Pick a username.
  3. Once you have decided on a username you will arrive at a new page where you will sign up for a free account.
  4. Once have joined…login to your account and follow the simple instructions to start making $300 – $500 in free cash.

Click Here To Get Started

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