Secret Yahoo Messenger Icons

Yahoo Messenger is the most popular chating application ..

It has a lot of secret yahoo messenger icons which is hidden ..

I don’t know what motivations make them to hide this features icons ..

Perhaps the ym developer wants to make easter egg so the user more want to know about it ..

YM has a lot of features some of them are … chat , voice chat and video chat ..

Many people are using ym as their primary chat application ..

Because it’s so popular many developer which make their version in different platform to get some benefit of ym popularity ..

Some of them make it in the mobile platform just like symbian OS or PDA ..

With that they can bget benefit from ads or payment for using the software ..

Here are some secret yahoo messenger icons symbols which i know and become my favorite :

:o3 : puppy eyes

3:-o : cow

:(|) : monkey

~:> : chicken

8-x : skull

=:) : bug

>-) : alien

b-( : fealing beat up

$-) : money eyes

:bz : bee ..

That’s all my ym favorite icons .. There are stil a lot … But i think that’s the most coolest  

With these you can make your chat friends wants to know how you can make these secret icons show up ..


  1. icon YM yang bagus

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